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Event Design

Planning is the key to all good events. As the old saying goes...Failing to plan is planning to fail. To those who aren't experienced , organising an event is taking a lot of opinions on board and hoping for the best! In our professional hands, it is a series of carefully planned and executed steps that leaves nothing to chance, with the backup of a Plan B.

When Optimum Events plans an event, there is a plan of action for all aspects that must be realised:

  • Date of the event agreed 

  • Venue preferences

  • Budgeting

  • Scheduling

  • Agencies involved

  • Legalities and compliance issues

  • Invitation design

  • Funding / Grants

  • Advertising / Marketing

  • Decor

  • Menu and beverages

  • Speakers

  • Guest lists

  • Photographer / Videographer

  • Security

  • Health and Safety

  • Permits / Licences

  • Sound and light

  • AV

  • The Wow Factor

  • Accommodation

  • Travel arrangements for VIP's

  • Meeting agencies involved

And that's the tip of the iceberg! Mind mapping and the real work can then begin. These are the reasons why so many organisations employ event management companies because the workload is too much for their staff to deliver on top of their daily work load. Hiring Optimum Events for your event leaves you stress free to enjoy your special occasion as much as your clients / guests. 

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